RenewYourLife – Websites for Your Business

I have twenty years experience in website design and development — progressing from webmaster to web manager and then web project manager. Now, in addition to my healing practice, I can help you create a website for your business in WordPress that you can easily maintain and update yourself.

WordPress is the world’s foremost blogging tool and its used to build millions of websites. It’s open source which means that there’s no cost for the software. And, there’s an active community of people developing and updating WordPress itself and WordPress ‘widgets’ and ‘plugins’ (bits of functionality) that can be freely added to customize your site. (Find out more about WordPress.) 

So how can I help?

I can work with you to create a beautiful looking site with a responsive design. Your clients or customers can easily find the information they need on your site whether they’re using a mobile phone, a laptop or a PC.

What I will do

  • Help you to choose a layout, design and colour scheme that you like and that fits with any existing logo / marketing material from the millions of WordPress themes
  • Set up and configure your site
  • Create menus and pages, and upload and format your content
  • Create a banner header for site (which can be from photo(s) you supply or choose)
  • Add, configure and test any functionality you want, eg contact form that lets your site visitors send you an email, slideshow, photo gallery, video player, google map of your location, blog
  • Help you with purchasing website domain name(s) through a NZ domain name registrar
  • Help you set up website hosting which I will configure for you
  • Help you with email address setup using your sites domain name
  • Include an hour’s support to show you how to add new pages, use the editing tool to  update existing ones, add in photos, amend menus and optimize your pages for Google

Please note: I don’t provide web hosting myself but can recommend the host provider that I use.

What you provide

  • Let me know how you’d like your site to look and what pages you’d like. I will give you some guidance on this
  • List any functionality you’d like, eg contact form, blog
  • Provide a draft of the content for your pages in Word. It doesn’t need to be the final version. I am happy to make some changes when you see how your site is shaping up
  • Provide any photos or images you’d like included. These might be your own photos or ones you select from a royalty free library which I can recommend to you. This may include looking at suitable photos / images for a banner header if you’d like this across the top of each page

Likely Costs

There is absolutely no charge for discussing what you’d like for your site with me in person, by phone or by skype so that I can give you a better estimate or firm quotation. If you have a budget in mind, I can see what I can do within that budget. 

The following are to give you an idea of likely costs involved — they aren’t a firm estimate or quotation:

   Small Site: Max 12 Pages – $499*
  • Up to 12 pages of content including feature image on each page (if desired)
  • Design including banner header (if desired), layout, colour scheme and menu
  • Functionality – contact form and google map
  • Assistance purchasing and configuring domain name and hosting
  • Set up 1 email address
  • 1 hour of support on using WordPress to update existing pages, add new pages, add photos and optimise your pages for Google

*The cost indications do not include:

  • Domain name purchase – budget about $28 a year for each NZ domain name
  • Hosting costs including WordPress and email addresses – budget about $13 a month or $160 per year

Please allow for these items when you are planning your budget.

For more information

Please contact Elaine on 021 294 5352 or email