Tapping for Confident Speaking

EFT helps us to identify and heal limiting patterns so that we can enjoy more success and find it easier to use our talents to reach our goals, and often exceed them!

Feel more confident in speaking clearly and articulately in meetings, presentations and workshops with this short tapping audio. My 3-page guide on EFT for Everyday Stresses shows the tapping points to use.

Active imagination or daydreaming as though our wishes have already been granted, coupled with EFT, helps to anchor in new positive feelings and ways of being. We can literally ‘rewire’ our brain through this regular practice.

While EFT is usually more effective, the more specific we are about our own thoughts and feelings, general tapping scripts and audios can be very helpful in elevating our mood and helping us to reprogram our thoughts and beliefs.

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT or ‘the tapping technique’ combines modern psychology with acupressure to transform negative thoughts and feelings. Tapping acupoints on the head, chest and hands while voicing issues clears underlying energy blockages and enables healthy processing of thoughts and feelings. Affirmations of love and acceptance of ourselves play an important part in this process.