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I had three wonderful Reiki treatments with Elaine. Elaine is a warm caring practitioner who is very capable of delivering Reiki in a professional manner. I felt a sense of peace and my back was very grateful too. I would warmly recommend Elaine to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing
Heather Howard
Having Reiki treatments with Elaine have been amazing, I feel better balanced and more calm. Elaine has a quiet and soothing manner which puts you at your ease at once. I highly recommend her.
KA, Strathmore, Wellington
I had Reiki sessions with Elaine and thoroughly enjoyed them as I felt a sense of well being and calmness afterwards. I would recommend Elaine to anyone as she is so lovely and welcoming.
Clare, Wellington
Having been diagnosed with a medical condition I have found seeing Elaine for Reiki has reduced my pain and inflammation and I have become more energised to better cope with the day to day challenges I now face. After each Reiki session I find I have more movement which lasts for a period of days. I would be happy to recommend coming to Elaine for Reiki as you feel a lovely sense of calm after a session.
Debbie, Island Bay
I fell and broke my shoulder and suffered extensive pain. Although strong pain killers helped to some extent, I was still in a lot of pain so decided to try Reiki. Immediately I noticed a marked improvement and most of all I found the pain reduced significantly for a couple of days at least after a session. Also, sleeping was very difficult and that too was greatly helped after each Reiki session.
Ann L., Lyall Bay
I enjoyed having Reiki with Elaine, she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I felt a lovely sense of calm after each session, I felt the sessions were very beneficial and I would be happy to recommend Elaine to anyone. Reiki is something nice you can do for yourself to relieve stress, become more energised and be better equipped to manage the day to day challenges of life.
Michelle Andrews
I had two beautiful healing sessions with Reiki therapist Elaine at RenewYourLife and came away on both occasions feeling relaxed and peaceful. My sore hand coincidently stopped hurting within an hour of leaving. If you are going through anything emotional or physical, make your appointment it’s well worth the time and cost, I will certainly be seeking some more Reiki with RenewYourLife.
Penny Huxtable

Reiki and EFT

I have seen Elaine for EFT and Reiki. She is an intuitive and adaptable healer, and I particularly appreciated her generosity in recommending tools and techniques that I could use myself as an adjunct to treatment. I would be happy to recommend Elaine to anyone seeking energy work.
Sylvia, Wellington


Working with Elaine feels like a safe place to be with those hurts from childhood that formed beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me well. The EFT enhances acceptance, healing and opening to change. I now feel I can see a new way of me being in the world that is stronger which allows me to be truer to who I am and say how I feel. I have felt a shift in my emotional eating patterns as a result of using EFT.
Grace, Wellington
I had a lot of scenarios that troubled me and I thought about regularly since my teenage years. After doing EFT with Elaine I stopped thinking about these scenarios. I have now noticed that I have more energy and I am now sleeping better.
Fiona, Churton Park

Reiki Training

Reiki Level 1

I believe everything happens for a reason, and Elaine was brought into my life just at the right time. Doing the Reiki Level 1 course was one of the best things I have ever done and Elaine made it such a wonderful experience. She is so friendly and nothing is too much trouble, and the energy and warmth that radiates both from her and her lovely home is amazing. All teaching is easy to understand and Elaine’s communication and follow-up emails show how she cares about her students. Looking forward to Level 2, many thanks!
Ali King
I approached Elaine about learning Reiki 1 to help one of my sick horses. Elaine is an amazing teacher, she answered all my questions (there were many!) with great knowledge and detail. I had an injury at the time of the course, but by the end of the weekend, through all the hands on practice, I had pretty much recovered. Using my newly tuned Reiki skills, I was able to further treat myself and healed within a week! Thanks again Elaine, I feel blessed to have found you as a teacher.
Amie Rolinson
I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon Elaine through the Internet to teach me Level One Reiki. She is a wonderful teacher, welcoming, friendly, informative and very easy to talk to; you feel comfortable around her immediately and you feel like no question is stupid. She makes you feel so welcome in her beautiful home and it is the perfect atmosphere to learn Reiki – it is so serene. I feel so grateful for this opportunity to be trained by Elaine it was the perfect introduction into Reiki and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you for the constant support and encouragement!
Sammi Phillips
I could not have picked a better teacher and a better place. I could feel and understand everything you were talking about. You made this course a joyful experience. Thank you for the thorough teaching, the warm hospitality, the kindness, the willingness to give more and your openness.
Georgia Marlassi
Elaine creates a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere for her Reiki training. She provides detailed information on the subject matter, and is always eager to give more. Thoroughly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly, she is very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Elaine as a Reiki teacher.
Elozor, Wellington
I have just completed my first certificate in the usui system of natural healing, with Reiki Master Elaine Robinson. An excellent experience, I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher. I am grateful for this totally positive and enjoyable first step on my wonderful Reiki journey.
Cat Russell
I immediately felt comfortable with Elaine in her beautiful home, she was very welcoming. Her teaching method was concise even though Reiki is a rather fluid subject, and she went at my pace of learning. I found the attunements interesting and enlightening. Since being attuned and learning Reiki with Elaine, I have soothed my fear of flying substantially by being able to do Reiki during flights! I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Elaine as a Reiki Master.
Laura Thomson

Reiki Level 2

I feel extremely lucky to have completed my level 2 reiki training with Elaine. She created such a warm and comfortable atmosphere to learn in and I felt so welcome in her home.  Elaine was able to answer all questions that I had and explained everything in a very clear way. The level 2 training was a wonderful experience and I am so excited to continue my reiki journey. I highly recommend Elaine as a reiki teacher to anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of reiki!
Bridget Leary, Wellington
I felt very ready for Level 2 with 7 months having passed since my Level 1 training – life had got in the way of doing it earlier as I had previously intended. Elaine was very accommodating with my needs and kept in touch by email, she is such a great communicator both verbally in training, and in writing. She had much patience with our group learning our symbols, and many great ideas for how to put them into practice. I had such a wonderful weekend and I’m so grateful to Elaine for bringing Reiki into my life. Many thanks too, to Ian for sharing his home with random strangers!
Ali King
It has been my pleasure to complete the Reiki second degree with Elaine. Elaine is a wonderful teacher – knowledgeable, warm and friendly, easy to connect with. The training sessions with Elaine have been enriching and enlightening. I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone interested in learning Reiki.
Elozor, Wellington
Thank you very much! It was a beautiful weekend full of energy and peace. You are a great master – thank you again for making me feel so comfy.
Silvana Paz, Wellington
I have thoroughly enjoyed you teaching us Reiki 2. It was yet again an eye/soul opener to all the different dimensions and potentials of the Human Energy. I was quite happy to sit down and listen to your teachings and experiences. You gave us the opportunity to completely feel open and free about our experiences. The hands on experience has helped me to retain a lot of things in my memory.
Georgia Marlassi
Thanks to you Elaine. Was an amazing experience. Everything I felt and lived during the course was magical and now feeling lucky to have this gorgeous energy that Reiki 2 brings to our life. Blessed and happy to have done the training with you.
Camila Highet
It had only been one month since Elaine instructed me through Level 1 Reiki but I felt I was ready for more! My reiki journey was rolling along at a wonderful pace, and I knew exactly who would be able to help guide me through Level 2. Elaine!!! Once again, Elaine was a wealth of knowledge, she never faltered when I went off track asking random questions, and has been a great support and an amazing teacher for me. Thanks, Elaine
Amie, Wellington
I had previously done Level I and II with another master when I lived overseas. It had been over a decade since I’d used Reiki and I decided it was time to focus on it again. Elaine did the Holy Fire Placement and reactivated my Level II symbols. We covered a plethora of useful information ranging from the history of Reiki and its evolution with the Holy Fire, to how to use it – some of this was quite surprising. One of the highlights for me, was chanting the names of the holy symbols. This was very powerful and I have since used it to great effect. Overall I can thoroughly recommend Elaine as a teacher, mentor and colleague of Reiki. She has a jolly and gentle nature that instantly puts you at ease facilitating your learning. She is highly knowledgeable and more than that a skilled healing practitioner with two decades of work history behind her – you will do well in her hands if you choose to train with her.
Maya Hammarsal, Wellington
I have just completed level 2 Reiki training with Elaine. I found her teaching to be easily understood and comprehensive. Elaine has a welcoming approach and is always willing to listen, taking time to answer all my questions. I am very happy to recommend Elaine as a Reiki Master.
Claire, Wellington