Reiki Share – Island Bay, Wellington

Reiki Share July 16I hold a  regular Reiki Share meeting in Island Bay. I support and encourage people who have learnt Reiki through my Reiki Share meeting.

It’s an opportunity to give and receive Reiki, share stories, ask questions and continue to learn and grow. Regularly receiving Reiki is important to help us on our healing journey.

It doesn’t matter what level of Reiki you’re at, or whether you do Reiki regularly or not! You may have learnt Reiki with me or with another teacher. You may only be able to come along to the occasional one. It’s all fine.

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What Happens in a Reiki Share

Everyone gets 20 minutes lying on a Reiki table receiving Reiki from at least two other people. Depending on how many people attend, each person might receive Reiki from three or four people at a time! In turn, everyone gives Reiki to two, three or four other people.

Spending a couple of hours immersed in the energy of Reiki in a group is wonderful.

Reiki Share Comments

Some of the comments I have received about Reiki Shares are:

Thank you for the other night – it was blissful!

It was a lovely Reiki share

It feels really amazing when I get several pairs of hands on my body during a Reiki share

Each time I learn something

Thank you very much for a lovely too relaxing Reiki share

I did get a lot out of it’